The Comic

Better known to its denizens as Big City, Bigsfort is home to Ego, and amnesiac, anthropomorphic rabbit who is trying to live his life under the radar in the shadow of an unknown past. The city is no stranger to the strange as everyday citizen make way for superheroes, powerful masterminds, covert operatives and secretive government agencies, and of course, villains.

The Hero

Ego was pulled out of Bigsfort lake a few years ago, unresponsive and unknown. Upon his resuscitation, ego found that he was, inexplicably, a rabbit in a world of humans. Worse, he had no memory of his life or of the events that caused him to be in the lake. With no clues to the mystery, Ego decides to live his life as normally as he can. Life and his own unquiet mind fight him on that decision, and he chooses to fight back with his guitar in one hand, a bat in the other, and a case of YahooDoodle back home.